Blue Flower


“I love the introduction of this song. The guitar is perfect and the beat is perfect. I get a real soft country image yet it is a playful feel at the same time. This reminds me of a beautiful country with horses and water running and just a real nice at mosphere.” 


“I loved the acoustics in the beginning and the slowness of it was beautiful. The drums were very clear and a lot of thought went into it. Hard work paid off. I would like to but the album as soon as it comes out. The artists defanitly know what sells. You don't hear instrumentals like this anymore. I would use play this for my son during his nap time because it is very easy to relax to. It would eben be perfect for a relaxing warm bath. I absolutely love it. It could be a huge hit for the country life. Wonderfyl hippie music. Good for a square dance type of party.”